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Date: Thu Feb 9 16:18:47 2012
Subject: 12.07.28 Quantum Monte Carlo in the Apuan Alps, Tuscany, Italy
                    WORKSHOP ANNOUNCEMENT

          "Quantum Monte Carlo in the Apuan Alps VII"
             Sat 28th July - Sat 4th August 2012
               Apuan Alps Centre for Physics
               Vallico Sotto, Tuscany, Italy



Continuing the series of alternative and very informal meetings at this
venue, the Cambridge University Theory of Condensed Matter group is
organizing a seventh International Workshop to discuss the development and
application of the continuum quantum Monte Carlo method and related topics
in condensed matter physics and quantum chemistry. The conference will
take place in our 15th Century monastery in the mediaeval high mountain
village of Vallico Sotto (in the Tuscan Apuan Alps near the beautiful
Italian city of Lucca).

For many types of problem the accuracy of quantum Monte Carlo is much
better than that of the more widely-used density functional theory, and its
scaling with number of atoms is much more favourable than that of
high-level quantum chemistry. Unlike most other methods, it is also fully
capable of exploiting the full power of the largest computers in the world
(e.g. the Cambridge CASINO code has been shown to have almost perfect
parallel scaling to over 100,000 CPU cores). All topics related to
applications of QMC and/or theory and algorithm development will be
welcome, though it is expected that broader topics in the general area
will also be discussed.

The normal format for these events involves formal presentations being
restricted to the mornings, with the afternoons left free for relaxed
discussion and participation in activities. For the young and vigorous, we
organize mountain walks, caving and other healthy outdoor exercise, whilst
the unfit and elderly might enjoy artistic tours, city visits, and gentle
country strolls, with all participants reuniting in the evening for
excellent Tuscan dinners in local restaurants. The monastery is a unique
venue where the community spirit and magnificent location have inspired
memorable meetings in the past.

This year's workshop will involve up to 50 people, all accommodated on
site and in the village. Many speakers will be specifically invited, but
anyone who feels that they have something to contribute and who wishes to
attend the event is most welcome to contact the organizer (Mike Towler:  
mdt26 at for further details. There is no charge either for
attendance at the conference or accommodation.  A provisional programmme
is available at the above website.

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