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Date: Thu Jan 17 02:56:26 2013
Subject: 13.06.24 6th Theoretical Biophysics Symposium, Univ of Gothenburg, Sweden
The 6th International Theoretical Biophysics Symposium (TheoBio 2013) is 
held at the Wallenberg Conference Center in the beautiful city of 
Gothenburg, Sweden, June 24-27 2013. The meeting follows those previously 
held in Donostia (Spain) in March 2003, in Örebro (Sweden) in June 2005, 
in Cetraro (Italy) in June 2007, in Roscoff (France) in June 2009, and in 
Madeira (Portugal) in June 2011.
The aim of the TheoBio symposia is to present recent advances within the 
fields of modelling biological, biochemical and biophysical systems, from 
both an application and a methodological point of view, using multiple 
scales ranging from molecules to mesoscopic systems. Experimentalists are 
also welcome to these symposia, to further develop the interaction 
between theory and experiment.

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