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Date: Wed Mar 13 09:03:30 2013
Subject: 13.06.19 Structure-Based Drug Design for Epigenetic Targets Course
When: June 19, 2013 (9:00 am - 12:00 pm)
Where: The Revere Hotel, Boston, MA

Epigenetic processes are the focus of intense interest, and the families 
of proteins that mediate epigenetic signalling are a highly promising 
source of new drug targets.  Tackling this emerging field of novel drug 
targets is not without its challenges.  This workshop will review the 
contribution that structural biology has made to the discovery of 
small molecule modulators.  Structural information can be invaluable 
in determining the druggability of potential targets, and in enabling 
more efficient identification of hit molecules.  Structural 
information can also guide the design of compounds with improved 
affinity for the target, or selectivity versus other targets.  
This introductory course on drug design for epigenetic targets 
will focus especially on emerging targets such as bromodomain 
(readers), methyltransferase (writers) and lysine demethylase (erasers).

Johnathan R. Whetstine, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Medicine, 
Harvard Medical School
Philip Fallon, Ph.D., Senior Medicinal Chemist, Domainex Ltd. 

This short course will take place prior to the start of CHI's 
Drug Design Conference (
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