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Date: Mon Mar 18 10:20:40 2013
Subject: 13.06.19 Protein-Protein Interaction Analysis Dinner Course
When: June 19, 2013 (6:00-8:00 pm)
Where: The Revere Hotel, Boston, MA

This dinner short course will take place at CHI's Structure-Based Drug Design (SBDD) conference.
The course covers tools for analyzing protein-protein interactions, such as molecular 
surfaces and non-bonded contact visualization in 3D and 2D interaction diagrams. 
Examples include calculating surface properties such as electrostatic hot-spots 
or patches, as well as physicochemical properties such as the isoelectric focusing 
point and zeta potential. The effect of mutations such as residue scanning on 
protein-protein interactions is explored. The Molecular Operating Environment 
(MOE) software platform will be used during the course.

Chris Williams, Ph.D., Principal Scientist, Chemical Computing Group

Register for this dinner short course and/or SBDD conference: or call +1 781-972-5400. 

The dinner short course is sponsored by Chemical Computing Group.
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