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Date: Thu Aug 1 18:15:12 2013
Subject: 14.10.05 10th Congress of the World Association of Theoretical and Computational Chemists, WATOC 2014 , Santiago, Chile, October 5-10, 2014
The 10th conference WATOC 2014 will be held in Santiago, Chile in October 
5-10, 2014. WATOC 2014, like the previous WATOC meetings, is a premier 
forum for the presentation of research results on conceptual developments 
and application of theoretical and computational chemistry to a wide range 
of fields in chemistry, physics and biology.

WATOC 2014 will bring together leading researchers, students and scientists 
interested in the role of computational chemistry in the natural sciences. 
This will be an exciting opportunity to promote scientific exchange and 
discussion on electronic structure theory and computational tools in 
chemical and physical processes.

WATOC 2014, an interdisciplinary conference, will provide a stimulating 
and dynamic environment to examine issues and opportunities associated 
with the essential role of theoretical and computational chemistry in many 
chemical, biological and physical processes.

Conference web:
Contact: Professor Alejandro Toro-Labbe (
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