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Date: Wed May 7 10:14:04 2014
Subject: 14.08.19 CECAM Conference: Modeling Cellular Life; Lausanne, Switzerland
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Being able to model and understand the emergence of cellular life from a 
cells components is a formidable challenge that is at the forefront of 
many research group’s efforts. Addressing this challenge requires that a 
range of computational tools, from quantum mechanics to systems biology, 
be brought to bear to answer questions at the different spatial and time 
scales relevant to cellular life. Developing new computational and 
theoretical methods and applying existing methods in new ways are all 
crucial components to making progress in this area.  Success in this 
field holds the promise of providing fundamental insights into molecular 
and cellular biology and of opening up new research avenues in the fields 
of biomedicine, synthetic biology and biotechnology.

The purpose of this conference, titled Modeling Cellular Life: From 
single molecules to cellular function, is to provide a snapshot of the 
research efforts being made on multiple fronts to provide quantitative 
insights and predictions about cellular life. Methods that will be
highlighted at this conference include quantum mechanical calculations 
that probe the chemical reactions that drive the cells macromolecular 
machines (1,2); coarse-grained models that allow us to understand the 
behavior of protein and nucleic acid assemblies (3-8); all-atom 
simulations that explore structural mechanisms essential to the transport 
of molecules within the cell (9-11); mathematical models coupled with 
experimental data sets that make testable predictions about the response 
of cells to changing environmental conditions (12-16); bioinformatic 
methods that utilize genomic and proteomic information to gain insight 
into the dynamics of cellular life (17-19); and systems biology methods 
that are integrating high-throughput data sets with theory to predict how 
cells grow and behave (20-22).

This conference is timely because new computing resources and methods are 
allowing the scientific community to model aspects of the cell that were 
previously intractable. This conference is needed because it will bring 
together scientists from sub-disciplines that do not regularly interact 
with each other. Therefore this conference will provide the opportunity 
for attendees to hear about new perspectives and methods on topics of 
common interest, providing synergistic and cross-fertilization 
opportunities for their research.
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