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Date: Mon Jul 14 05:37:00 2014
Subject: 14.10.30 CRC-SU Joint Symposium, "Interplay between Theory and Experiments", Stockholm
CRC-SU Joint International Symposium on Chemical Theory for Complex Systems,
"Interplay between Theory and Experiments: New Trends in Catalysis"

Date: October 30-31, 2014
Venue: Stockholm University, Sweden
Poster session on Oct. 30: Abstract deadline Sep. 20
Registration fee: free (Please register before Oct. 1)

Organizer:	Catalysis Research Center (CRC), Hokkaido Univ.(HU)
Co-Organizers:	Department of Organic Chemistry, Stockholm Univ.(SU)
                Fukui Institute for Fundamental Chemistry (FIFC), Kyoto Univ.(KU)
Co-Chairs:	Kiyotaka Asakura (CRC, HU), Fahmi Himo (SU), 
                Per E. M. Siegbahn (SU), Shigeyoshi Sakaki (FIFC, KU)
Contact: Jun-ya Hasegawa (HU)
E-mail: iccrc,+,
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