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Date: Fri Dec 19 12:24:35 2014
Subject: 15.06.22 International Conference on Understanding and Controlling Nano And Mesoscale Friction, Istanbul, Turkey
Dear Colleagues,

we are pleased to announce that the

International Conference on Understanding and Controlling Nano And Mesoscale Friction

will be held from 22nd to 26th of June 2015 in Istanbul, Turkey.

This conference stems from a scientific community which has evolved over the
years and is now coordinated through a COST Action. A great occasion to meet
and discuss with leading scientists and industries active in the science and
technology of of friction from the atomic scale up.

The confirmed invited speakers are:
    Prof. Roland Bennewitz, Leibniz Institute for New Materials, Germany
    Prof. Robert W. Carpick, University of Pennsylvania, USA
    Prof. Elisabeth Charlaix, Universite Joseph Fourier, France
    Prof. Annalisa Fasolino, Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen, The Netherlands
    Dr. Enrico Gnecco, IMDEA Nanoscience, Spain
    Prof. Lev Kantorovich, King's College London, UK
    Prof. Jacob Klein, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
    Dr. Mark A. Lantz, IBM Research, Switzerland
    Prof. Liliane Leger, Universite Paris-Sud 11, France
    Prof. Nicola Manini, University of Milan, Italy
    Dr. C. Mathew Mate, ex HGST, a Western Digital company, USA
    Prof. Michael Moseler, Fraunhofer IWM, Germany
    Prof. Susan Perkin, University of Oxford, UK

Abstracts submission will be open from 5th of January to 15th of February 2015.

More information at

We look forward to your participation.

Best regards,

Paolo Nicolini (on behalf of the Organizing Committee)
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