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Date: Tue Mar 10 13:13:07 2015
Subject: 15.03.19 Drug Design and Delivery Symposium, ACS Webinars, 2pm ET Thursdays monthly.
2015 Drug Design and Delivery Symposium
(Upcoming March 19 - Fragment-Based Drug Design Strategies)

Meet with expert chemists from every aspect of the drug discovery 
process to learn how drugs are designed, screened, tested and more by 
registering for the ACS Webinars 2015 Drug Design and Delivery Symposium. 
Join us on the last Thursday of every month at 2pm ET for informative 
presentations and get the chance to ask your questions. 
No travel cost or attendance fee.  

More info and register for the series at:

These webinars are designed help scientists gain practical, applicable 
knowledge critical for their research. Our editorial team has 
brought together experts from today's leading companies to share 
their insights on:
- Designing better drug candidates.
- Fragment-Based Drug Design Strategies
- Advances in X-ray Crystallography in Drug Discovery
- Pharmacokinetic Considerations in Drug Design
- Much, much more... 

This ACS Webinars series is brought to you by American Chemical Society, 
in partnership with the ACS Division of Medicinal Chemistry and 
the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists, 
as a service to the scientific community. 

See the complete schedule and register for the 2015 Drug Design 
and Delivery Symposium.
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