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Date: Mon Jul 6 04:47:23 2015
Subject: 15.08.20 Workshop on computational materials discovery using the USPEX code
Dear colleagues,

We are happy to announce 10th International Workshop on Crystal Structure 
Prediction and Computational Materials Discovery using the USPEX code. 
The workshop will take place at the Beijing Computational Science Research 
Center on 20-23 August, 2015. 

The workshop will include theory lectures and hands-on practical sessions 
on crystal structure prediction (including organic and inorganic crystals), 
prediction of low-dimensional systems (surfaces, 2D-crystals, nanoparticles, 
polymers), prediction of phase transition mechanisms using the USPEX code. 

USPEX ( is a powerful and user-friendly code 
with a unique range of capabilities, and remarkable efficiency. It is used 
by >2500 researchers worldwide. Most of USPEX developers will be present 
at the workshop, which will be conducted in English.  

Registration is open at:
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