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Date: Mon Dec 14 07:29:08 2015
Subject: 16.06.19 ISQBP President's Meeting 2016, Bergen, Norway
Dear colleagues, 

We are thrilled to announce that we will be hosting the 2016 edition of the 
ISQBP President's meeting in Bergen, Norway. The meeting will start on 
Sunday June 19 in the afternoon and end on Wednesday June 22 after lunch.  
Mark your calendars! The program will feature oral presentations by invited 
speakers (see list below). We will also welcome abstract submission for short 
oral and  poster presentations. Registration and abstract submission will open 
early in 2016 on Registration rates will be reduced for PhD 
students and postdocs. More information will be posted on our website when the
registration opens.

Invited speakers: Charles L. Brooks III, Thomas E. Cheatham III, Vlad Cojoracu, 
Annick Dejaegere, Carmen Domene, William L. Jorgensen, Syma Khalid, Carmay Lim, 
Alex MacKerell, Lennart Nilsson, Masha Niv, Modesto Orozco, Montgomery Pettitt, 
Carol Post, Rebecca Wade


Date: 19-22 June 2016 

Place: Grand Hotel Terminus, Bergen, Norway ( The venue
 is conveniently located in the city center of Bergen, with frequent transfer from the 
airport (30 minutes drive by airport bus or taxi).

With best regards,
The Scientific Committee:

Nathalie Reuter
(Computational Biology Unit, University of Bergen)

Bjorn Olav Brandsdal
(Centre for Theoretical and Computational Chemistry, University of Tromso)

Michele Cascella
(Centre for Theoretical and Computational Chemistry, University of Oslo)
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