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Date: Fri Jan 15 08:00:43 2016
Subject: 16.06.05 99th Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition, Halifax, Canada
Join us for the many Computational and Theoretical Chemistry symposia at the 99th Canadian
Chemistry Conference and Exhibition.  A full list of invited speakers is available here:

Symposia include:
Advances in Computational Modeling of Structure and Reactivity
Advances in Density Functional Theory
Advances in Solid State NMR: Inorganic Materials, Biological Solids and Theoretical Developments
Celebrating the Life and Science of Tom Ziegler
Computational Biophysical Chemistry
Data-driven Computational Chemistry: Models and Applications
Molecular Spectroscopy: Fundamental Research and Applications
Nanoparticles at Biological Interfaces
Session in Honour of Benoit Roux

Registration and abstract submission are now open and can be accessed through the conference 
website at:
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