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Date: Thu Mar 24 10:26:08 2016
Subject: 16.07.25 CCP-BioSim/CCPN joint conference, Biomolecular simulations and biomolecular NMR, University of Derby, Buxton, United Kingdom
CCP-BioSim ( is jointly organising with CCPN 
( a 4-day meeting on new methods and applications of 
biomolecular simulations, biomolecular NMR, and the interface between computation 
and experiments. 

The meeting will be held at the University of Derby in Buxton, July 25-28th.  

The meeting is particularly aimed at bringing together scientists from different disciplines 
with an interest in biomolecular interactions. Seminars will focus on detailing the pros and
 cons of different approaches, and opportunities for synergies between computation and 

Thanks to generous subsidies from CCPN and CCP-BioSim registration fees and 
accommodation is offered at the cost of GBP50 (poster contribution) or GBP100 
(no poster contribution) per delegate. 

For more information about the venue, program and registration please go to:

Confirmed speakers:

Julien Michel (University of Edinburgh)
Ulrich Zachariae (University of Dundee)
Andrea Cavalli (University of Bologna/IIT Drug Discovery)
Edina Rosta (King's College London)
Phil Biggin (University of Oxford)
Lars Bratholm (University of Copenhagen)
Wouter Boomsma (University of Copenhagen)
Franca Fraternalli (Kings College London)
Irene Diaz Moreno (IBVF, Seville)
Mikaël Feracci (Leicester)
Rivka Isaacson (King's College London)
Enrico Luchinat (CERM, Florence) 
Frédéric Allain (ETH Zurich)
Jason Schnell (University of Oxford)
Michael Sattler (Technical University of Munich)
Joern Werner (University of Southampton)
Benjamin Bardiaux (Institut Pasteur Paris)
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