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Date: Tue Mar 28 10:07:19 2017
Subject: 17.08.28 event director

Greetings for Oncologist & Diagnostics Conference in Belgium

We are currently hosting the Oncologist & Diagnostics Conference which is going to be organized during August 28-30, 2017 Brussels, Belgium

This Conference will provide a medium to reciprocate the ideas and authentic views by most significant scientists as well as finest doctors in the world of prescience. Renowned keynote speakers and preeminent scientists and experts from all over the globe will be expected to contribute their knowledge and will touch on numerous Aspects associated to Oncology.

This event will furnish an immense scope for informative and synergistic discussions with contributions by recognized authorities.
If you like you can join us as an exhibitor/media partner/sponsor/collaboration. Kindly contact us for any sort of any further assistance. We sincerely hope that you will honor us by accepting our invitation.

Best regards 
Celina crystal
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