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Date: Thu Apr 20 05:54:00 2017
Subject: 17.06.26 8th International Theoretical Biophysics Symposium (THEOBIO2017) Donostia/San Sebastian (Basque Country, Spain) 26-30 June 2017
The 8th Theoretical Biophysics International Symposium (TheoBio 2017) will be
held in Donostia/San Sebastian (Basque Country, Spain) from June 26th-30th, 2017.
The scope of this congress is on the modeling of biological, biochemical 
and biophysical systems, ranging from electronic structure to mesoscopic 
coarse grained systems and beyond from both an application and a 
methodological point of view. Experimentalists are encouraged to attend for 
a better interaction between theory and experiment. Young researchers and 
advanced graduate students are particularly welcome to actively participate,
either by presenting a poster or giving a talk. 

At present, confirmed invited speakers include:

Anna Peacock (University of Birmingham)
Darrin M. York (Rutgers University, New Jersey)
Felix Goñi (University of the Basque Country and Basque Centre for Biophysics)
Pedro A. Fernandes (Universidade do Porto)
Paolo Carloni (Institute for Advanced Simulations, Jülich)
Oscar Millet (Center for Cooperative Research in Biosciences, Derio)
Silvia Osuna (Universitat de Girona)
Iñaki Tuñon (Universidad de Valencia)
José Pedro Cerón-Carrasco (UCAM)
Leif A. Eriksson (University of Gothenburg)

Registration is now open. More details can be found at:

With best regards, 
Jon I. Mujika 
on behalf of Theobio2017 Local Organising Committee
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