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Date: Fri Jan 5 15:34:49 2018
Subject: 18.05.27 11. International Conference on Chemical Structures, 27-31 May 2018, Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands
The 11th International Conference on Chemical Structures (ICCS) will take 
place in 2018. It will continue a well-established conference series that 
begun in 1973 as a workshop on Computer Representation and Manipulation 
of Chemical Information sponsored by the NATO Advanced Study Institute 
and thereafter was held under its new name every third year starting in 
1987. The 2018 conference will build on the experience of the past 
successful editions to offer a strong scientific program which covers 
all aspects of cheminformatics and molecular modeling, including for 
example structure-activity relationships, virtual screening, modeling 
metabolite networks, etc. Participants discuss research as well as 
relevant technological and algorithm developments in handling and 
visualization of chemical structure data, workflows for complex 
cheminformatic analysis and machine learning. The conference fosters 
cooperation among organizations and researchers involved in the 
increasingly interwoven fields of cheminformatics and bioinformatics 
and combines in-depth technical presentations with ample opportunities 
for one-on-one discussions with the presenters.

The 11th edition will be held, one year out of phase with the intended 
triennial frequency, from 27-31 May 2018 at the beautiful Conference 
Center in Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands.

Conference webpage: 

Please submit your abstracts.

The conference is jointly supported by:

Division of Chemical Information of the American Chemical Society (ACS)
Chemical Structure Association Trust (CSA Trust)
Division of Chemical Information and Computer Science of the Chemical Society of Japan (CSJ)
Chemistry-Information-Computer Division of the German Chemical Society (GDCh)
Royal Netherlands Chemical Society (KNCV)
Chemical Information and Computer Applications Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)
Swiss Chemical Society (SCS)
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