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Date: Sat Mar 24 19:21:32 2018
Subject: 18.07.08 International Union of Crystallography's Conference on
The International Union of Crystallography's conference on Quantum Crystallography will be held in Halifax, Canada, 
Sunday 8 - Friday 13 July, 2018, and is now open for early bird registrations and abstract submissions.

The conference covers experimental and theoretical research at the interface of physics, chemistry,
and biology placing the electron charge and spin densities, in position and in momentum space, at the epicenter.
The overarching theme is the emerging field of “Quantum Crystallography“.

The promotion of exchange of ideas and collaborations between experimentalists and theoreticians is a prime
goal of this conference.

Topics will range in the continuum covering:

       * Experimentally-constrained wavefunctions and density matrices.
       * Progress in DFT and theoretical methods for solids.
       * Bader's quantum theory of atoms in molecules (QTAIM), ELF, NCI, etc.
       * Laser-molecule/crystal interaction.
       * Pump-probe approaches, time-resolved X-ray diffraction.
       * Experimental probes for charge, spin, and momentum densities, bright sources, Auger, etc.
       * Functional materials.
       * Electronic properties of nanomaterials.
       * Materials under extreme conditions: High pressure, external electric fields, intense laser fields etc.
       * Quantum crystallography in the life sciences.

Halifax is tourist destination with summer music festivals etc. and hotels fill very quickly especially in the
summer so please register and book your hotel/flights early.

(Recommended hotels with reduced conference price, early bird lower registration fee, lower student registrations
etc. can be found on the conference website).
We hope to welcome you in Halifax this summer.
On behalf of the IUCr's Commission of Quantum Crystallography and its Chair, Prof. J.-M. Gillet,
Best wishes and regards,
The Conference Chairs:
Prof. Cherif F. Matta, Mount Saint Vincent University (
Prof. Paul W. Ayers, McMaster University (

Department of Chemistry & Physics
Mount Saint Vincent University
Halifax, NS, Canada B3M 2J6.
Department of Chemistry & Chemical Biology
McMaster University
Hamilton, ON, Canada L8S 4M1.
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