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Date: Thu Sep 26 07:14:02 2019
Subject: 19.11.18 2nd Quantum International Frontiers (QIF) Conference, Shanghai, China
We are happy to announce the 2nd Quantum International Frontiers (QIF) 
conference, which will be held from 18-22 November 2019 at Shanghai 
University (China).

Quantum International Frontiers is a new conference series focused on 
quantum sciences and their applications for modern technologies.

An interesting aspect of the Quantum International Frontiers is its novel 
format with Pedagogic and Frontier lectures in addition to the standard
invited lectures. Such combined lecture format aims at putting modern 
theories in the historical perspective and allowing for the better 
understanding of cutting-edge novel research. 

The QIF 2019 held at Shanghai University will include following topics:
Developments in Theoretical Concepts in Quantum Chemistry
Spectroscopy, Molecular Structure and Dynamics
Quantum Effects and Applications
Quantum Computing and Artificial Inteligence
Quantum Information
Quantum Modelling for Energy Conversion and Storage
Catalysis, Reactive Collisions and Chemical Reactions
Surfaces and Interfaces of Complexes and Clusters
Molecular and Nano-materials for Electronics

For details on registration, travel and accommodation please visit our 

We welcome you to Shanghai!

Malgorzata Biczysko
QIF2019 Chair 
On behalf of the organizing committee
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