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Date: Fri Nov 13 07:05:21 2020
Subject: 20.11.19 Webinar: In Silico Approaches To Phenotypic Assays
Ligand-based methods for high-throughput phenotypic analysis. 
Guidelines for building a phenotype targeted chemical library.
With Paul Finn (Oxford Drug Design), John P. Overington (Medicines Discovery
Catapult) and Henriete Willems (University of Cambridge)

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Phenotypic screening is used to identify substances that alter 
the phenotype of a cell or an organism. 
It has been a historical basis for the discovery of new drugs and in 
biological research and only after compounds were tested positive, 
biological targets are determined. 
While most drugs with novel mechanisms of action come from phenotypic 
screening, it is also of interest in the area of drug repositioning.

Assembling the best libraries and selecting the best 
computer-aided drug design (CADD) techniques are of paramount 
importance to maximize the probabilities to select the best candidate 
following a phenotypic screening strategy.
Ligand based techniques and Artificial Intelligence are the best 
approaches to guide a phenotypic based drug discovery process from a 
rational point of view.

Pharmacelera is pleased to announce the webinar 
In silico approaches to phenotypic assays with the participation 
of three Key Opinion Leaders of the field.
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