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Date: Mon Feb 20 05:53:18 2023
Subject: 23.06.20 ICQC Satellite Meeting on Strong Correlation in Molecules, Znojmo, Czech republic
We are pleased to announce the upcoming ICQC Satellite Meeting
on Strong Correlation in Molecules, to be held in the beautiful
Czech city of Znojmo on June 20-23, 2023.

The conference will cover a wide range of topics related to the Strong
correlation in molecules. Recent developments in DMRG, coupled clusters,
and other theoretical approaches, as well as their applications,
will be presented. The conference program includes invited lectures,
contributed talks, which you can apply for, and presentations in a poster
session. An excursion and conference dinner will give the attendees
a chance to informally meet and connect with colleagues and peers
from around the world.

The conference venue in the small historic city of Znojmo, located
in the heart of the Moravian wine region, provides a perfect backdrop
for a productive and enjoyable conference experience. Znojmo is
conveniently close to Vienna and Prague, as well as to Bratislava,
where the main ICQC congress takes place.

We invite all scientists, researchers, PhD students, and professionals
interested in relevant quantum chemistry topics to join us in Znojmo
for this exciting conference.

Registration is now open, for more information, please,
go to the conference webpage:
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