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Photocatalysis symposium at ACS Meeting in Denver, Aug. 28 - Sep. 1, 2011 CALL FOR PAPERS at The 242nd ACS National Meeting in Denver, Colorado: • You are cordially invited to submit an abstract of your potential talk at the “Computational Modeling of Photo-catalysis and Photo-induced Charge Transfer Dynamics on Surfaces” symposium. It is one of symposia provided by “Computers in Chemistry” (COMP) Division program at the fall meeting of the American Chemical Society in Denver, CO from August 28 to September 1, 2011. • Each talk (oral presentations only) is supposed to be 30-minutes long. The size limit for the abstract is 150 words. It may include Tables and Figures. A figure counts for a total of 70 words. Abstracts can be submitted online at • The symposium is up for scientific challenges including description of charge transfer and bond breaking dynamics, and its spectroscopic monitoring. It is going to be outstanding due to a considerable number of invited talks. • The symposium welcomes presentations combining both theory and experiment. Please, feel free to encourage your colleagues, whose research is in the field of photocatalysis and photovoltaics, to submit their abstracts to the symposium. • The fall ACS meeting is one of the largest scientific meetings in the world. Thus, we strongly recommend you to submit your abstract early. You will be able to edit it later, before the deadline on April 4th. The deadline for the abstract submission is April 4th, 2011 Please, see the flayer for other details. We will be happy to have your submission to the symposium on photocatalysis! Dmitri Kilin, Svetlana Kilina, Ivan Mikhaylov

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