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There is no sure way to do it, but you can try.

1) Call the person or the secretary and ask. It is amazing how many people
   forget about this option.

2) Checking the address if you know the tcp address of the machine. For
   example, you want to check if mail address name@machine.addr is fine:
     telnet machine.addr 25
     vrfy name
   If vrfy responds with
   The address in known to the machine

   Sometime, the machine.addr is not a full address but only an MX record.
   you can get the full address by saving the following script in hostlook
        # this file is called hostlook        
        MXREC=`nslookup <<_END_ | tail -2
        set qt=MX
        echo $MXREC
   with execute permission (e.g., chmod 755 hostlook), and calling it as 
   Note the period "." at the end of the machine name. It has to be there.

3) Use finger (though it only works with a few machines). E.g.:

4) Use gopher. Frequently the organizations provide WHOIS database on
   gopher which you can search by name. Go to All Gophers, then continent,
   then country, then organization. If you know, the address of the
   whois database, you can submit queries directly
      whois -h labanowski
   If you do not have the whois program, you can still try telned to
   port 43:
      telnet 43
   The list of available whois servers can be retrieved from the anonymous
   FTP/mail-server in the directory pub/whois or via gopher You may also find a list of people who recently
   posted something to the Usenet newsgroups in directory
   pub/usenet-addresses/lists} of anon. ftp

5) There is also X.500 finder on gopher in Europe. You can also do it by 
       telnet 23
       login: de
   Then follow instructions (one entry per prompt). For example:
        Simple query mode selected
        Person's name
        :- Schultze
        Department name, * to list depts,  to search all depts, ? for help
        Organisation name, 
        :- kiel
        Country name
        :- de
        Got the following matches.  Please select one from the list
        by typing the number corresponding to the entry you want.
         1 Fachhochschule Kiel
         2 Universitaet Kiel
        Organisation name,
        :- 2
         Universitaet Kiel
         No persons match `Schultze'.        Displaying organisation details.
         Universitaet Kiel
         postalAddress         Universitaet Kiel 
                              Ohlshausenstr. 40-60 

6) Use netfind (if you can get to it, it is very busy). (AARNet, Melbourne, Australia) (University of Colorado, Boulder) (Nat. Council for Techn. & Scien. Research, Venezuela) (InterNIC Directory and DB Services, S. Plainfield, NJ) (California State University, Fullerton, CA) (University of Southern California, Los Angeles) (Korea Network Information Center, Taejon, Korea) (Technet Unit, Singapore) (Catholic University of Chile, Santiago) (Imperial College, London, England) (University of Minnesota, Minneapolis) (Australian National University, Canberra) (McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada) (University of Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil) (OpenConnect Systems, Dallas, Texas) (San Jose State University, San Jose, California) (Liberec University of Technology, Czech Republic) (Academy of Sciences, Banska Bystrica, Slovakia) (University of Alabama at Birmingham)

   telnet (or or or
                        or or
   login: netfind
       labanowski osc
         --- then enter selection and wait for answer.

7) Use NIC WHOIS  (mostly military people)
   smith, john

8) Retrieve files from the directory /pub/chemistry/info/e-mail-addresses
   a) Via e-mail:
     send a message:
        select chemistry
        size 60kB
        limit 250kB
        cd info/e-mail-addresses
        get college-email.faq.1 college-email.faq.2 college-email.faq.3
        get finding.addresses.faq

   b) Via ftp
     Login: anonymous
     Name: Your email address
     ftp> cd pub/chemistry/info/e-mail-addresses
     ftp> mget college-email.faq.*
     ftp> get finding.addresses.faq
     ftp> quit

   c) gopher
     gopher 73

9. Knowbot Information Service. Offers a search of several databases:
    telnet 185
     > country us
     > org Ohio Supercomputer Center
     > query bender, ch...
     > quit

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