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Date: Thu Sep 22 18:25:33 2016
Subject: 16.09.22 Two Positions in Computational Chemistry in Beijing, Pharmaron, China

Two Positions in Computational Chemistry in Beijing, China

Pharmaron is a premier R&D service provider for the pharmaceutical industry across a number of disciplines including chemistry, biology, DMPK, pharmacology, toxicology and chemical development. With over 4000 employees, Pharmaron delivers superior scientific services while maintaining close communication with our customers. Our current clients include small and large pharmaceutical companies in North America, Europe, Japan and China. Pharmaron's mission is to provide the highest quality R&D services while helping our customers advance their projects in a timely and cost effective manner.

Since Pharmaron's computer-aided drug design platform was built up in 2011 with the state-of-the-art tools, we have been working with a number of partners from the US, Europe, Japan and China, in both industry and academia. Our work has been well-known by our collaborators for the high quality of performance with rigorous science and innovative design.

In order to better serve our clients, we are looking for two computational chemists to join our modeling group in Beijing, China. The candidate should have MS or PhD degree in computational or theoretical chemistry, or closely related discipline, with experience in protein simulation and a thorough knowledge of protein-ligand interactions. Excellent writing and oral communication skills in both English and Chinese are required. It's also preferred for the candidate to have the expertise in the use of commercial software applications for structure based and ligand based drug design, strong experience in homology modeling and ligand conformational analysis with methods in molecular mechanics and quantum mechanics. Pharmaron provides competitive salaries and a great benefits package, as well as excellent training and career development opportunities.

Interested individuals should submit a cover letter and curriculum vitae to
To learn more about Pharmaron, please check our website:

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