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Date: Tue Nov 8 18:55:51 2016
Subject: 16.11.08 Statistical Mechanics Postdoc position at Washington State University- Energy Frontier Research Center on IDREAM
Washington State University is seeking applicants for a number of highly 
motivated computational postdoctoral positions to work as part of a large 
fundamental science research team comprising the newly established 
Department of Energy, Energy Frontier Research Center on Interfacial 
Dynamics in Radioactive Environments and Materials (IDREAM). IDREAM is 
exploring the interfacial chemistry of materials such as aluminum and 
iron (oxy)hydroxides in harsh environments including high alkalinity, 
concentrated electrolytes, and ionizing radiation, and its impacts on 
emergent phenomena such as aggregation and aging.  These (oxy)hydroxides 
are major host components of radioactive waste, and they ultimately must 
be dissolved and processed to separate the radioactive and bulk materials.  
Candidates with a background in theoretical and computational chemistry, 
large-scale molecular simulations on high performance computing platforms, 
as well as in the development of new methods for numerical simulation of 
large-scale solution and interfacial chemistry of complex multi-component
 systems as to a coupling to continuum theories, are encouraged to apply. 

IDREAM is led by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, in partnership 
with Washington State University, University of Washington, Oak Ridge 
National Laboratory, Georgia Institute of Technology, and Notre Dame 
University.  Three postdoctoral positions are open at WSU that will work 
in close collaboration with PNNL team leads (Kevin Rosso and Greg Schenter)
in areas of classical and ab initio molecular dynamics simulation, as well 
as fluid dynamics/interactions of colloidal dispersions (Poisson Boltzmann,
DLVO theory, etc.) with application targets that include understanding 
phenomena such as metal solvation and coordination dynamics, nucleation, 
growth, dissolution, and aggregation/aging processes in highly concentrated
alkaline solutions. Successful candidates will be employed by and located
at Washington State University, and will become members of the 
multi-institutional and multi-disciplinary IDREAM Center led by PNNL.  
World-class computing facilities will be made available through the Center.

Candidates are sought with expertise and capabilities within
-Classical and ab-initio molecular dynamics including force field 
 development and parameterization
-Metadynamics and other enhanced sampling methods
-Free energy techniques
-Fluid dynamics of colloidal dispersions and the reformulation of the
 Poisson-Boltzmann/Lifshitz theories
-Coarse graining methods

Required Skills:
Candidates must have received a Ph.D. in Physics, Chemistry, Geochemistry, 
Applied Mathematics, Materials Science, or an equivalent field within the
last 5 years. Demonstrated expertise within the fields of statistical 
mechanics as demonstrated by regular publication in the peer-reviewed 
technical literature.  Excellent oral and written communication skills 
are required.
Application materials, including a CV and 3 letters of recommendation 
should be sent to Ms. Josefina Galvan ( All technical 
questions can be sent to Prof. Aurora Clark (
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