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Date: Mon Dec 12 05:08:50 2016
Subject: 16.12.12 Postdoctoral position in Computer Aided Drug Discovery Research
Postdoc Opportunity in Computer aided drug discovery research at University
of Texas at El Paso.

Applications are invited for one or more postdoctoral positions in the Prof.
Suman Sirimulla's lab at University of Texas at El Paso 
to pursue research in computer aided drug discovery research, primarily via
molecular dynamics-based techniques.

Successful candidates will have a Ph.D. in Computational chemistry,
Computational science, Medicinal Chemistry, biophysics, physical chemistry,
or closely related disciplines and have previous experience with scientific
programming and computer simulations of biological systems.

Candidates must have an outstanding record of research and academic
performance, strong communication skills, and an ability to work
independently and collaborate effectively.

We are especially interested in candidates with experience in one or more of
the following areas:

* Experience with Quantum mechanical calculations

* Enhanced sampling methods applied to biomolecular systems.

* Molecular Dynamics and FEP calculations.

* Virtual screening of large databases.

* Developing Scoring functions and Biomolecular force fields.

* Scientific programming on high-performance computing platforms, including GPUs.

* Large-scale molecular modeling of cellular systems.

* Experience with XSEDE is a plus.

Dr. Sirimulla's lab focuses on developing and using computational tools for
drug discovery research. Our main research interests include developing
novel therapeutic agents by using structure based drug design methods and
understanding non-covalent interactions in protein-ligands complexes. Our
work spans fields ranging from biophysics and computational chemistry to
high-performance computing, machine learning and deep learning.
Initial appointments will be for one year with the possibility of renewal up
to three years.
In order to apply, please send a CV to ssirimulla-*

Contact Us: ssirimulla-*

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