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Date: Mon Mar 27 13:09:53 2017
Subject: 17.03.27 Senior Scientist, Quantum Mechanics Applications, Schrödinger, NYC

Schrödinger, a technology leader specializing in software solutions for life science and materials science research and development, is expanding its quantum chemistry software development and applications team. The company is seeking a highly motivated, critically thinking quantum chemist with several years of experience in applying density functional theory methods and quantum chemistry tools to medium-sized molecular systems in one or several of the following areas of theoretical research: transition state search, reaction mechanism investigation, reactivity prediction, homogeneous catalysis, pKa prediction, conformational and tautomeric equilibria. Besides a background in theoretical chemistry, the qualified candidate must have strong knowledge in one or more of the following areas of chemistry: organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, transition metal chemistry, biochemistry, medicinal chemistry.



Preferred Qualifications:

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