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Date: Sat Jul 1 12:23:46 2017
Subject: 17.07.01 PhD Positions in Computational Membrane Biophysics in Erlangen, Germany
Applications are invited for PhD positions in theoretical and computational membrane biophysics in 
the Computational Biology Group of Rainer Boeckmann at the University of Erlangen-Nuernberg, 
Germany. Projects focus on lipid-protein interaction, membrane dynamics, membrane phase 
transition, structure-dynamics-function relationship of channels using atomistic and coarse-grained 
molecular dynamics simulations.
Candidates should preferably hold a master in computational/theoretical physics or chemistry, have a 
good knowledge of statistical mechanics  and programming skills. The PhD student will join the 
Research Training Group Dynamic Interactions at Biological Membranes
Interested candidates should send one pdf document containing a cover letter, CV, and certificates 


For further information please visit

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