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Date: Wed Aug 23 18:46:23 2017
Subject: 17.08.23 Postdoctoral scholar (MD simulations of biomolecules), Tufts Chemistry, Medford, MA USA

A postdoctoral scholar position is currently available in the Lin laboratory in the Department of Chemistry at Tufts University, Medford, MA.

Appropriate candidates will have a recent Ph. D. in chemistry, chemical engineering or biophysics. Knowledge in molecular dynamics simulations, enhanced sampling methods, and peptides and proteins is essential. Extensive experience in using simulation packages such as Gromacs, CHARMM, Amber or LAMMPS; writing in-house analysis codes in Python, Fortran or C; and running simulations on high-performance computing clusters is required. The candidate should have a strong interest in biological problems and ability to interact with experimentalists and theorists in a team environment.

The Lin laboratory is a computational chemistry group working on elucidating the structures and functions of biomolecules by integrating the power of advanced computations with the elegance of chemical theory. Two current major research projects in the Lin lab are (1) to develop enhanced sampling methods for efficient biomolecular simulations and (2) to understand and design peptides with desired structures and properties. For more information, please visit

The postdoctoral position is open immediately and remains open until filled. Interested candidates should submit their CV, reprints of up to three selected publications, and a cover letter summarizing their experience, research interests, long-term career goals, and estimated start date directly to Prof. Yu-Shan Lin at

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