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Date: Thu Oct 5 15:14:55 2017
Subject: 17.10.05 2-year Postdoc/Assistant Professor Position in Bioinformatics, Modelling, Data Analysis or Programming

2-year Postdoc/Assistant Professor Position in Bioinformatics, Computational Drug Design, Data Analysis or Database Development

The Computational Drug Design Group (Gloriam group), Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology, University of Copenhagen, wishes to employ a 2-year postdoc or assistant professor in Bioinformatics, Computational Drug Design, Data Analysis or Database Development with a flexible starting date.

The Gloriam group ( conducts bioinformatics, scientific data analysis and computational drug design, tightly integrated with leading chemists and pharmacologists, and structure-function studies of G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) one of the largest drug target families. The group also heads the GPCR communitys main database and web server, GPCRdb ( serving ~1700 monthly users. The group currently has 15 members, funded mainly by an ERC Starting Grant and Lundbeck Foundation Fellowship, and has in the last 1,5 years published in e.g. Nature, Nature Reviews in Drug Discovery, Nature Chemistry, Nucleic Acids Research and Bioinformatics.

The applicant
You have a solid understanding of molecular biology, and an interest in structural biology, data analyses and scripting. You are motivated by increasing our understanding of human biology through solving challenging problems by independently and quickly learning new knowledge, techniques and correlations. You are a good team player, and will have the opportunity to work together with experienced data analysts, programmers and computational drug designers; as well as to supervise students.

Qualification requirements Additional meriting qualifications
Experience of, and skills in:
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