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Date: Tue Oct 31 03:18:06 2017
Subject: 17.10.30 Postdoc, Computational chemistry/biophysics, Institute for Basics Science, South Korea
A postdoc position is immediately available in the laboratory of Dr. Jejoong Yoo (
in the Center for Self-assembly and Complexity at the Institute for Basic Science. A qualified postdoc will be fully supported 
for 3 years by IBS with an annual salary of $50,000 (or higher depending on the qualification) without any non-scientific 
distractions; four major insurances including health insurance will be provided, and campus housing is available at an affordable rate.

The research topic includes (but is not limited to) epigenetic regulation of chromatin self-assembly, physics-based model of 
intrinsically disordered peptides, and general self-assembly mechanisms in biology and supramolecular chemistry. The Yoo group 
exclusively uses a powerful cluster equipped with AMD Epyc CPUs and 100 GPUs so that the research will not be limited by resources. 
Through the established collaborations with several experimental groups of single-molecule biophysics, organic chemistry of 
epigenetic modifications, and supramolecular chemistry, the research will be highly interactive and collaborative.

The successful applicants should have a Ph.D. in computational chemistry or biophysics, computer science, physics,
physical chemistry, or related fields. Experiences in molecular dynamics simulations or quantum mechanical simulations
are desired, but not essential. A track record showing publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals is essential.
Writing and communication skill in English is important.

Interested applicants should send an email to jejoong[at] with a brief introduction and a CV with publication list.


About IBS Center for Self-Assembly and Complexity
Institute for Basic Science ( is a South Korean government-funded research institute established in 2011.
The Center for Self-assembly and Complexity ( is one of 28 research centers supported by IBS.
The center is physically located in the campus of POSTECH, one of the top research university in South Korea.

Pohang University of Science and Technology(POSTECH) is a private university based in Pohang, South Korea, 
which is dedicated to research and education in science and technology. In 2011, The Times Higher Education ranked 
the university as the 53rd best university in the world, the 6th best in Asia, and the best in South Korea and in 2012, 
the Times Higher Education ranked the university 1st in 100 under 50 Young University Rankings. The University commands 
11departments and 22 graduate programs tirelessly striving to retain the unique trait of the elite, individual-fitting education.

Living in POSTECH
Living costs in POSTECH are very low compared to other parts of Korea including Seoul, as well as other countries. Most of university 
facilities are free of charge. As many facilities including cafeteria, bank, convenience store etc. are also located on campus, 
you can save much money on transportation. On-campus housing is also available.

About Pohang
Pohang is located approximately 250 miles awaw from Seoul, and ti takes 4 hours by bus, 2 hours by KTX. 
With the foundation of POSCO in 1970, now Pohang has approximately half million residents and become on e of the most 
important industrial points in Korea. Tourism is also popular as Pohang's eastern coastal areas have relaxing beaches and 
the view of the sunriese is attractive enough to watch. Pohang is also located near Gyeongju which is a famous site-seeing city.

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