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Date: Fri Nov 3 11:34:30 2017
Subject: 17.11.02 Postdoctoral Positions at Theoretical Division of LANL, Los Alamos, NM, USA

Postdoctoral Positions at Theoretical Division of LANL

Postdoctoral Positions available immediately, to work in the Theoretical Physics and Chemistry of Materials Group at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Successful applicants will work primarily with Enrique R. Batista and Ping Yang. The following positions are available:

  1. First principle studies (DFT and wave-function methods) of electronic properties including relativistic, isotopic, and hyperfine structure effects in spectroscopic signatures of actinide-containing molecules. In parallel to experimental efforts, we look to understand reaction kinetics of f-element complexes as a function of isotopic composition. Fundamental studies of binding and reactivity of heavy element chemistry is also part of the project.

  2. Study electrochemical properties of transition-metal complexes using first principle methods including density functional and wave-function theory. In collaboration with experimental efforts, we look to understand the driving forces for tuning multi-electron redox potentials, therefore, to provide design principles for the discovery of novel complex with desired electrochemical performance.

Applicants should have a PhD in chemistry or physics completed within the past three years or soon to be completed. A strong fundamental knowledge in quantum chemistry/physics and computational methods. Computer programming skills to develop code, modify and edit existing codes and scripts are also required. Experience with major quantum chemistry and/or plane wave computational packages is highly desired.

Note: the applicants should submit a CV including a full publication list. In the cover letter, please describe your background in quantum/computational chemistry, as well as three names of references.

Los Alamos National Laboratory is an equal opportunity employer with competitive hiring packages in salaries and benefits. Additional information about the postdoctoral program at Los Alamos can be found at:

To apply the interested parties should:

  1. Go to the following web site:
  2. Click on the upper right orange box that says Apply Now
  3. In the new page search the appropriate job ad: In Vacancy Name/Keywords
    use IRC59847 to search for position 2 described above;
    IRC59831 to search for position 1 described above
  4. Follow the instructions to complete your application

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