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Date: Wed Dec 13 20:10:36 2017
Subject: 17.12.13 Computational Chemistry Research Opportunities at UC - Obtain PhD Degree

Computational Chemistry Research Opportunities at UC - Obtain PhD Degree

The University of Cincinnati has Ph.D. programs in all areas of physical science including Chemistry, and there are specialized Ph.D. options in a number of disciplines including Computational Chemistry. Detailed information for applying for the Ph.D. program in the Department of Chemistry are available at:

Computational Research Programs in Chemistry With the advent of ever more powerful computing hardware, the application of computational studies to understand biochemical and chemical systems and their nanoscale properties is rapidly increasing in scientific importance worldwide. Not only are computational approaches becoming necessary to model and help understand how molecular systems function from a fundamental standpoint, but they also have an increasing importance in various commercial sectors. For example, biotechnology companies have a considerable ongoing need for individuals trained in computational approaches that are involved in modeling ligand-target interactions and biomimetic materials and the chemical industry is increasingly employing computational techniques in product design.

At the University of Cincinnati, we recognize the critical scientific and economic importance of computational based molecular research. In the Chemistry Department, Professors Ruxandra Dima, George Stan, and Thomas Beck pursue computational research projects supported through federal grants primarily from the National Science Foundation. Opportunities for industrial research experience are available through the UC Simulation Center and Procter&Gamble. Active areas of interest range from protein folding, to interactions between macromolecules involved in fundamental cellular processes such as mitosis and protein degradation, to confinement of proteins within nanopores, to specific ion effects in water and ions in other solvents for energy storage applications. We have a number of opportunities for Ph.D. students who wish to pursue these types of projects for their doctoral dissertation research. For further details see the individual faculty webpages accessible on the Department of Chemistry website at or send inquires to ruxandra.dima^_^, george.stan^_^, or becktl^_^ Questions pertaining to the admission process can be addressed directly to the A&S Chemistry Graduate Admissions at chemgradprog^_^

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