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Date: Thu Dec 14 12:37:00 2017
Subject: 17.12.14 PhD Opportunities in Computational Biophysics of Membranes, Nanomaterials and Soft Interfaces, University of Fribourg, Switzerland
Two PhD positions are available in the recently established Laboratory of Molecular Biophysics 
and Biochemistry at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland. The positions are funded by the Swiss
National Science Foundation ( ) and by the NCCR in Bio-Inspired Materials
( ).  Our group develops and applies computer simulations to investigate
how soft interfaces, such as lipids membranes, modulate cellular processes at the nanoscale. 
We combine these in silico investigations with biophysical and biochemical approaches to understand 
key biological mechanisms with atomistic molecular resolution. 
Please check our group website ( ) for more information. 

Currently, we have openings in the following research areas: 
- Soft nanoscale interfaces 
- Nanoparticles-membrane interactions 

What we offer 

We offer a stimulating, friendly and interdisciplinary work environment, with excellent working
conditions (salary, resources, ...) and frontier research projects. 
The University of Fribourg (Switzerland) gathers very dynamic researchers with a strong commitment
toward innovation and excellence in science. It offers a stimulating and supportive environment, with
an open-minded atmosphere ideal to foster synergies. The selected candidates will have the
opportunity to interact extensively with members of the Departments of Biology, Chemistry and 
Physics and of the Adolphe Merkle Institute ( ) in Fribourg, with whom collaborations
are ongoing. In addition, they will also benefit from strong international collaborations with 
outstanding labs in the fields of membrane biology, soft matter and nanomaterials. 
The successful PhD candidates will enrol in the Fribourg Graduate School of Life Sciences (FGLS) 
providing high-quality education opportunities to complement the laboratory training. It will also 
benefit from the close proximity to the CECAM headquarters in Lausanne, where multiple workshops 
and schools in computational science are held every year ( ). 
PhD positions are fully funded for 4 years. In addition, PhD students will have the possibility to apply
to generous international postdoctoral fellowship
 ( ) from the SNF after
completion of their PhD.  Initial gross annual salary for PhD students will be 47,040 CHF (~ 47,000 $). 


We are looking for highly motivated, team-oriented independent thinkers. 
The applicant should have a Master Degree in physics, chemistry, engineering or a related subject. 
Computer literacy and previous experience with molecular simulations, as well as good communication
skills and proficiency in English are a plus. 
In general, any previous specific knowledge is less important than strong motivation, enthusiasm for
scientific research, problem-solving skills, and possibly a track-record of individual and team 

Please send your application, including short cover letter (explaining background and motivation)
and a complete CV via e-mail to: stefano.vanni at The position will remain open until filled.

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