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Date: Wed Jan 24 01:53:19 2018
Subject: 18.01.24 Postdoc position in methodology development in quantum chemistry & computational materials at Nanjing University, Nanjing, China
1or 2 postdoctoral position(s) are available in the computational chemistry 
and materials science group of Asso. Prof. Haibo Ma at Nanjing University, 
Nanjing, China.

We are an extremely productive and highly-published multidisciplinary group 
located in Nanjing, one of the most delightful of Chinese cities and known as 
the Capital City of Six or Ten Dynasties in China's history, with interests in both 
methodology development and application in the chemistry and material science 
of large systems. A website of our interests and publications can be found at:

Job description: The postdoctoral associate will 
1)	develop new electronic structure methods for large correlated systems 
using both density matrix renormalization group (DMRG) and other numerical 
renormalization group methods, or
2)	design new molecules through Materials Genome Initiative (MGI), or 
simulate the generation, evolution, and dynamics of electronic excitations in 
molecules, condensed phases, and nanoscale materials.

1)	The salary will be internationally competitive and in accord with the 
applicant's experience, qualification and output.
2)	Initial appointments will be for two years with the possibility of 
renewal up to six years. Excellent postdocs can be promoted to Tenure-tracked 
Assistant Professor at the University.

For more information, contact Asso. Prof. Haibo Ma at haibo (at)

To apply, please send a CV describing past/current research, publications, and
 a list of 2-3 references.

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