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Date: Thu Feb 8 17:21:35 2018
Subject: 18.02.08 Senior Scientist, Computational Chemistry, Repare Therapeutics, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Senior Scientist, Computational Chemistry, Repare Therapeutics, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

At Repare Therapeutics, we are always looking for highly innovative and collaborative individuals who are passionate about discovering revolutionary cancer treatments.

If you are interested in joining the Repare Therapeutics team, please fill out the form below and submit your CV.


Position: Senior Scientist, Computational Chemistry
Company: Repare Therapeutics
Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Repare Therapeutics is a 2017 Fierce 15 startup backed by tier-one strategic and institutional biotechnology investors ( ). Repare develops novel, precision oncology drugs that target specific vulnerabilities of tumor cells. This is accomplished by combining proprietary, high throughput, CRISPR-enabled genome-scale synthetic lethal (SL) screenings for discovery of targets and patient selection biomarkers with high-resolution protein crystallography, computational biology and clinical informatics. Founded by leading experts at the forefront of DNA damage and repair cancer biology and genome-scale synthetic lethal screening technologies, Repare has assembled a seasoned team of industry veterans and a world-class Advisory Board.

We now have an outstanding opportunity available for a motivated and accomplished Ph.D.-level senior scientist who would like to get in early and grow with the company. The successful candidate will have a thorough background in applied computational chemistry. The candidate will become a vital member of our chemistry team where he/she will contribute intellectually to multiple projects by applying cutting edge in silico methods to identify new drug candidates. The successful candidate will have the ability to implement the most effective methods/software and the desire to work in close collaboration within a multi-disciplinary team.


  • Lead the computational chemistry efforts at Repare
  • Use internally-generated protein crystal structures to design novel inhibitors
  • Apply structure-based and ligand-based drug design methods to accelerate the drug discovery cycle
  • In collaboration with the medicinal chemists, propose structure-based hypotheses to resolve current issues in projects
  • Communicate the limitations of the theoretical models to help in prioritizing efforts
  • Provide protein structure input to address key biological questions
  • Apply virtual screening methods to identify novel chemical leads
  • Perform druggability assessments to enable prioritization of new protein targets
  • Obtain and setup suitable hardware/software to carry out duties
  • Help interpret HTS and SAR data


  • Ph.D. and/or Post-doctoral fellowship in theoretical chemistry, computational chemistry, computational physics applied to chemistry, or related fields
  • Deep understanding of at least two of these fields: molecular dynamics, applied quantum chemistry, statistical mechanics applied to chemistry, virtual screening methods
  • Mastery of at least one major molecular design commercial software package (MOE, OpenEye or Schrodingers suites) and ability to integrate different software platforms
  • Experience in both structure-based and ligand-based drug design
  • Interest and familiarity with biology concepts
  • Ability to communicate in an open, clear, timely and consistent manner
  • Sufficient understanding of organic chemistry to enable effective communication with medicinal chemists

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