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Date: Fri Apr 13 14:13:40 2018
Subject: 18.04.13 Strategic Deployment Manager, Boston, Schrödinger

Schrödinger is on the cutting edge of computer-aided drug discovery and materials science, collaborating with global drug-discovery companies like Takeda, Nimbus, Pfizer, and Sanofi. Our software suites continue to revolutionize the design of therapeutics, driving our successful drug discovery collaborations around the world.

Were looking for a Strategic Deployment Manager to join us in our mission to help scientists design better drugs, faster. This person will play a vital role in the implementation of LiveDesign for large collaborations and major users on the east coast, with heavy focus in the Boston area. By serving as the bi-directional voice of the high-value customer and product, they will also help drive future development in a strategic fashion. This senior level position is an instrumental consultant for scientists who use LiveDesign to better achieve their goals, and will play a strong role in the direction of the product.

Click the link below for more information about how LiveDesign is helping shape the future of collaborative drug design:


  • Manage onsite LiveDesign implementation, from early stage discussions, through training, deployment, and overall health
  • Collaborate internally with our Account Managers, Solutions Architects and Education Team to ensure success of the account, and to enable substantial growth and usage
  • Understand the customer scientific needs, workflows, and mission in order to help craft the LiveDesign implementation
  • Help drive product development and the roadmap design by working closely with product management and engineering
  • Represent regional priorities to Solution Architects
  • Represent product direction to the customer, and help drive the relationship
  • Coordinate with the various LiveDesign teams (Strategic Deployment Managers, Account Managers, Product Managers) to help define solid process around implementation and deployment.


  • BS in chemistry with 5+ years in a life sciences field related to drug discovery, MS or PhD preferred.
  • Experience with computational chemistry or cheminformatics in a research setting
  • Experience with drug discovery projects in a pharmaceutical industry setting.
  • Experience in engaging with various stakeholders within pharma (Business, IT, scientists) is strongly desired.
  • Proven track record of being highly organized, with excellent communication and documentation skills

Desirable Skills/Experience

  • Knowledgeable in software development practices and/or familiar with enterprise software technology concepts
  • Experience in working with distributed teams
  • Experience with customer-facing roles
  • Demonstrated experience leading small teams
  • Proven track record of excellent project management skills

Please apply directly via our website at:

As an equal opportunity employer, Schrödinger hires outstanding individuals into every position in the company. People who work with us have a high degree of engagement, a commitment to working effectively in teams, and a passion for the companys mission. We place the highest value on creating a safe environment where our employees can grow and contribute, and refuse to discriminate on the basis of race, color, religious belief, sex, age, national origin, citizenship status, marital status, union status, sexual orientation, or gender identity. To us, diversity isnt just a buzzword, but an important element of our core principles and key business practices. We believe that diverse companies innovate better and think more creatively than homogenous ones because they take into account a wide range of viewpoints. Greater diversity doesnt just mean better headlines or public imagesit means increased adaptability and profitability.

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