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Date: Mon Apr 23 21:44:46 2018
Subject: 18.04.16 Computational Chemist(CADD), Chugai Pharmaceutical, Japan
Chugai is currently seeking a young and talented computational chemist with
strong motivation to create innovative drugs. 

Chugai Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd., a core member of the Roche group, is located in Japan 
and covers research, development, sales, and manufacturing functions. 
The unique approach of the Strategic Alliance between Roche and Chugai 
gives us management autonomy while allowing access to Roche resources, 
such as the Roche chemical library and databases.

Chugai is dedicated to producing exceptional value through the creation of 
innovative medical products and services for the benefit of the medical community 
and human health around the world.

If successful, you will join the pre-clinical project team, 
which consists of medicinal chemists, biologists, ADME researchers, and toxicologists, 
and collaborate with them on projects by contributing your expertise to work 
towards solutions on the project issues such as drug design, 
lead identification by virtual screening and target evaluation.

As Chugai works with both small-molecule drugs and biologics, 
you will have an opportunity to join a biologics project.  
You will also have an opportunity to build a new method and/or algorithm 
for computer-aided drug design(CADD) in collaboration with 
other computational chemists of the CADD team.

The workplace will be either the Gotemba Research Labs (Shizuoka, Japan), 
which is close to Mt. Fuji 
or the Kamakura Research Labs (Kanagawa, Japan), which is close to Tokyo.

*Ph.D. in computational chemistry or a related discipline. 
*Skill of programming or scripting such as Python.
*Ability to proactively work as a good team member in a project team 
comprising multiple scientific disciplines
*Communication skills in BOTH ENGLISH and JAPANESE Languages.

Desirable knowledge and skills:
*Structure-based drug design, ligand-based drug design, docking, and virtual screening.
*Protein structure, ligand-protein interactions, protein-protein interactions, and protein modeling
*Quantum chemistry, molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo QSAR and chemoinformatics
*Commercial modeling packages such as Discovery Studio, Maestro, and MOE.
Apply through the Chugai careers webpage.

English page

Japanese page

Or, send an e-mail to rcrecruit,, with the information listed below.
(1) Details of the research you have so far done
(2) Your personal curriculum vitae

For the applicants who pass the documentary examination, an adequacy assessment will be carried out within a month.
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