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Date: Tue May 8 01:20:11 2018
Subject: 18.05.08 Postdoc positions at Nagoya University, Japan
A few postdoc positions are available at Nagoya University, Japan, for individuals interested in 
molecular simulation studies of biomaterials or energy materials: 1) lipid nanoparticle design 
and molecular simulations and 2) molecular dynamics simulation of electrolytes in lithium ion 
battery. This research group is involved in a broad range of projects in applying molecular 
simulations to biomaterials, polymers, and various molecular systems.

Project 1: (Lipid nanoparticles) Lipid nanoparticles used for drug delivery system will be 
studied by coarse-grained (CG) molecular dynamics (MD) simulations. Candidates should 
contribute to develop a quantitative CG molecular model for surfactants and DNA/RNA 
based on all-atom MD simulations and should conduct large-scale MD simulations 
including free energy calculations. We aimed at simulating biologically relevant events 
including membrane fusion and drug release processes.

Project 2: (Lithium ion battery) Ion dynamics in electrolytes including solvate ionic liquids 
far and near the (electrode) interface is studied by molecular dynamics simulations.
Candidates should contribute to the development of a polarizable force field to study 
the structure of electrolytes, ion dynamics near the interface.
Applicant should have a Ph.D. degree, strong molecular simulation and programming skills, 
experience of molecular modeling, and desirably, broad knowledge of biophysics or physical 

Please email a curriculum vitae, reference letters (or names and contact information) of at 
least two individuals familiar with your academic work, and a statement of research interests 
together with the preference of project (1 or 2), and future goals to 
w.shinoda _, with subject heading: PD position.

Wataru Shinoda, Prof.
Department of Materials Chemistry, Nagoya University,
Furo-cho, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya 464-8603, Japan
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