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Date: Tue Jun 26 20:25:37 2018
Subject: 18.06.26 Multiple Postdoc Positions in Beijing Computational Science Research Center
Multiple positions available:
1.	Computer-aided drug discovery (CADD)

	Carrying out CADD projects targeting GPCRs and other targets. 

	Merging innovative computing approaches with experimental feedback 
        from our experimental collaborators. 

	Creating new virtual screening pipelines and results evaluation 

2.	Computational method and software development in X-ray sciences. 

	Developing programs for X-ray scattering data analysis and model

	Method and software development for High-resolution structure
        determination using data collected at X-ray free electron
        lasers (XFELs), including single particle scattering and serial
        crystallography data analysis

	Integration of molecular dynamics simulation and time-resolved
        X-ray scattering/diffraction data to reconstruct conformational
        transformations for large molecules.

3.	Computational modeling and simulation of protein systems. 

	Simulation of GPCR proteins, ligand binding

	Investigation of nucleosome dynamics and DNA remodeling around

	Disease related protein/peptide aggregations/denaturation

Your Qualifications:
	Doctoral degree in chemistry, biochemistry, physics, computer 
        sciences or related

	Commitment to work in the structure-based drug discovery field

	Strong motivation to contribute novel ideas to CADD

	Experience in molecular docking and molecular dynamics of
        protein-ligand systems.

	Linux experience and programming skills are plus for the positions.
Our Offer:
	Competitive Salary (depends on experiences and expertise)
	Visiting scholar opportunity at Rowan University in USA
	Position is (initially) limited to two years.

More information can be found: 
The Qualified applicants should submit a cover letter, curriculum vitae,
and the names and email addresses of three references as a single PDF document
to Prof. Chun Wu: wuc<at>
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