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Date: Mon Aug 20 19:09:36 2018
Subject: 18.08.20 Postdoc Positions in Computational Biophysics at University Of Illinois Chicago
Up to three postdoc positions are available at the Zhou biophysics group at University of Illinois Chicago 
( The Zhou group combines theory, computation, and 
experiment to study protein structure-dynamics-function relations. Main interests include:

-- protein-ligand and protein-protein binding kinetics and allostery
-- Macromolecular crowding and liquid-liquid phase separation
-- Ion channels and other membrane proteins
-- Peptide self-assembly

The following qualifications are required:
-- Ph.D. in Chemistry, Physics, or related fields
-- A minimum of two first-author papers in rigorously peer-reviewed journals
-- Experience in computational studies of biological or related systems, including running molecular 
     dynamics and related simulations
-- Proficiency in computer coding

If you meet these requirements and are interested in applying, please send cv in pdf to hzhou43 (at) 
Candidates who have both analytical theory skills and experiences in computational applications are 
especially encouraged to apply. One of these positions will be filled by a person with strong experience in 
computer system administration.

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