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Date: Tue Sep 25 09:53:09 2018
Subject: 18.09.25 Theoretical Chemistry Postdoc Postion: Quantum Computing
We invite highly qualified postdoctoral applications in theoretical chemistry at 
Virginia Tech, working in Nick Mayhall's group.  The focus of this position is to 
implement new electronic structure methods designed for efficient mapping of 
molecular systems to quantum hardware. This position is part of a larger multi-
institution collaborative project aimed at simulating strongly correlated molecules 
on small, high-fidelity quantum computers, designed and fabricated by our 
collaborators. As such, this is a great opportunity for electronic structure theory 
PhD's to obtain experience in quantum computing, by working in close 
collaboration with experts in superconducting qubit fabrication, quantum gate 
design, and quantum control. 

We are seeking applicants with the following experience:
+Strong background in theoretical chemistry methodologies.
+Demonstrably significant coding experience.
Please send CV and three references to Nick Mayhall (nmayhall]|[, with a brief 
comment indicating your interest in this position. This information will allow your 
application review to begin. However, before any official offer is made, the applicant 
must formally apply through the job posting available here:

Review of applications will begin immediately.
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