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Date: Wed Oct 10 10:44:03 2018
Subject: 18.10.10 Computational Chemist - Technical Manager
SilcsBio, LLC sells software and services to pharmaceutical companies around the 
world. We enable drug discovery scientists to find new drug molecules and improve
their lead molecules using a patented physics- and structure-based approach.

If you have a strong knowledge of molecular modeling, exceptional communication 
skills, and like meeting new people then youll enjoy being a Product Manager. Youll
join a team that has built the company from the ground up and help us continue to 
expand by growing your responsibilities within the company. 

On a daily basis, you will work with our customers to improve their experience using
our software.  That includes illustrating target identification, candidate selection,
and lead optimization through structure-based drug design and analysis. Youll also 
coordinate closely with our marketing team to provide scientific and technical
presentations to promote products and services to new and existing customers.  

Our offices are located at the center of the entrepreneurial renaissance of Baltimore
giving you the opportunity to interact with some of the nations most exciting 
technology companies. 

Theres a fair amount of travel required as we need to talk with our customers 
face-to-face. Plan on about 10% of your time on the road, mostly along the east coast
with occasional international travel.

Minimum Requirements:
	Ph.D in Chemistry, Biology, Pharmaceutical disciplines or related fields
	Robust understanding of molecular modeling in the areas of computational 
        chemistry, biology and biophysics.
	Strong background in predictive science including using modeling tools for
        structure based-drug design, macromolecule design, and antibody modeling
	Experience with scientific software maintenance and development with
        expertise in C/C++ and Python.
	Robust understanding of high-performance computing (HPC) environments.
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