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Date: Thu Oct 25 09:29:29 2018
Subject: 18.10.25 NYU Shanghai Chemistry PhD Program
NYU Shanghai, in partnership with the NYU Graduate School of Arts and Science (GSAS) 
and the NYU Department of Chemistry, invites applications from exceptional students for 
PhD study and research in Chemistry. 

Participating students are enrolled in the NYU GSAS Chemistry PhD program, complete 
their coursework at the NYU Department of Chemistry in New York, and then transition 
to full-time residence at NYU Shanghai where they undertake their doctoral research 
under the supervision of NYU Shanghai faculty.

Highlights of the Program:

 * NYU PhD degree in Chemistry upon graduation

 * Graduate coursework at the NYU Department of Chemistry in New York

 * Research opportunities with and close mentorship by NYU Shanghai faculty

 * Access to the vast intellectual resources of NYU GSAS and NYU Department of 

 * Cutting-edge research environment at NYU Shanghai, including the Center for 
   Computational Chemistry, activities such as a regular program of seminars and visiting 
   academics, a thriving community of PhD students, post-doctoral fellows, and research 
   associates, and links with other universities within and outside China

 * Financial aid through the NYU Shanghai Doctoral Fellowship, including tuition, fees, 
   and an annual stipend equal to stipends received by all NYU Chemistry PhD students

 * Additional benefits exclusive to the NYU Shanghai program, including international 
   health insurance, housing assistance in New York, and travel funds

More information may be found online at
Applications are to be submitted through the NYU GSAS Application portal (link below), 
within which students should select the Chemistry PhD as their program of interest, and 
then indicate their preference for NYU Shanghai by marking the appropriate checkbox 
when prompted. Applicants will be evaluated by a joint admissions committee of New 
York and Shanghai faculty. Application requirements are set by the NYU Department of 
Chemistry and are the same as those for all NYU PhD applicants; however, candidates 
are recommended to elaborate in their personal statements about their specific interests 
in the NYU Shanghai program.
The NYU GSAS Application portal is now open for Fall 2019 admission, and the deadline 
is December 12, 2018. Applications are only accepted for Fall admission.

GSAS Portal Link:

Interested students are welcome to contact Ms. Xiaoyun Du, program coordinator of the 
NYU Shanghai Chemistry PhD, via email at],[ with any inquiries or to 
request more information.
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