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Date: Tue Feb 5 08:58:50 2019
Subject: 19.02.05 PhD in Computational Biophysics, Brno, Czech Republic, EU
Project: The project is focused on the regulation of protein 
interactions in genome transcription, which malfunction has been 
associated with numerous diseases including cancer. Despite 
the importance, we still lack the molecular understanding of how the 
involved posttranslational modifications and changes in salt 
and protein concentrations regulate the protein-protein interactions 
and the transcription. Expected findings are not only important for the
general knowledge but could also be useful in the design of new 
treatments. The research is strongly coupled to collaborations with 
excellent experimental teams and will be more closely discussed during 
the interview. The student will master the tools of multiscale 
simulations using a wide range of techniques ranging from atomistic 
to coarse-grained simulations. Moreover, he/she will learn the 
advantages and disadvantages of various protein parameterizations, 
and advanced sampling techniques.

Eligibility: Outstanding candidates with experience in computer
simulations and with an MSc degree in the fields of biophysics, soft 
matter physics, physical chemistry, computational chemistry, 
statistical mechanics, or related fields. Experience with molecular 
dynamics simulations (with GROMACS, CHARMM, NAMD, AMBER, LAMMPS, etc.)
or other simulation techniques (Monte Carlo, DPD, etc.) at the 
atomistic or coarse-grained level would be an advantage.

Computing Resources: Successful candidates will have access to local
computing clusters with 1500 cores. Access to Metacentrum NGI 
National Grid Infrastructure for computing (with ~15,000 cores) will 
be also available. Additional resources include the possibility 
of applying for IT4Inovations, where the group is active.

Competitive salary supported by grant projects.
Applications must include a CV, motivation letter (description 
of research interests), and the names of 2 people willing to provide 
a letter of recommendation. Applications with all this material 
(preferably in a single pdf) should be sent to Robert Vacha 
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