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Date: Fri Mar 15 02:41:39 2019
Subject: 19.03.15 Postdoc positions in Computational Biophysics and Systems Biology, Shenzhen University, China
Up to two postdoctoral researcher positions are available in Dr. Wenjin Li's
group in the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS), Shenzhen University, China.
IAS is located in Shenzhen, a modern and international city next to Hong 
Kong. IAS focuses on highly interdisciplinary research with strong financial
support from the local government.

Wenjin Li's research focuses on the development of computational methods
on (but not limited to) enhanced sampling, free energy calculations and
the identification of reaction coordinates. These approaches are applied
to study enzymatic reactions, drug discovery and protein engineering, by
combining MM and QM/MM molecular dynamics. The groups interest also lies
in systems biology and bioinformatics. Visit the group web page for more
information (

Duties: We are seeking up to two highly motivated researchers who will
work on one of the following projects: (1) Development of new methods
to quantify the role of water molecules in protein-ligand interactions;
(2) Investigate enzymatic reactions with QM/MM molecular dynamics; 
(3) Improve an existing coarse-graining method;
(4) Identify drug target proteins in neurodegenerative diseases with 
computational approaches in systems biology/bioinformatics. 
The researchers will be asked for a commitment of at least two years 
with publications in peer-reviewed journals. They will mentor graduate 
and undergraduate students, and have the opportunity to develop their 
own projects, which should overlap with the expertise and interests of 
the lab.

Requirements: Candidates should be no older than 35 and have, or be 
about to be awarded, a PhD degree in computational biophysics/chemistry, 
computational biology/bioinformatics or a related subject. Strong 
background in programming in C/C++ is essential, with experiences in 
using Linux and molecular dynamics software or approaches in systems 
biology is an advantage. Candidates should be able to conduct scientific 
research independently, as well as to collaborate with others.

1. The salary will be RMB 320k~340k per annum (after tax).
2. Prestigious rewards/fellowships from the local government are available
to outstanding applicants.(For example, additional 320k per annum if your 
PhD degree is awarded from top-150 universities aboard or you have 
published 3 high-impact papers. For more details, 
see [Unfortunately, it is in Chinese])
3. The same benefits as the ones for faculties, such as the children can 
enroll in the kindergarten or school attached to the University with 
great discounts.

Application Materials:
(1) A cover letter explaining your scientific background and interest in 
joining our laboratory
(2) A curriculum vitae (with publication list)
(3) Names of at least two references (recommendation letters will be 
requested if necessary)
(4) A brief research plan (optional, maximum 2 pages)

Interested applicants should send the application materials via email to 
Dr. Wenjin Li at or liwenjin+/

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