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Date: Sat Apr 6 23:25:16 2019
Subject: 19.04.06 Molecular Simulations Scientist, InterX Inc., Berkeley, CA

Molecular Simulations Scientist, InterX Inc., Berkeley, CA

Molecular Simulations Scientist
Full Time
Allows remote

InterX, an early stage start-up aiming to develop and commercialize techniques for computational drug discovery prediction, is looking for exceptional individuals to add to our team.

The opening is in the Simulations group. The prospective member will be responsible for running and analysing molecular simulations. In addition to this, commensurate with experience, desire and abilities, the candidate may participate in the following:

  • Write scripts and software to automate workflows
  • Perform original research on methods that accelerate Molecular Dynamics
  • Write and publish scientific papers
  • Communicate and work with medicinal chemistry campaigns

The job may be considered a postdoctoral appointment as the candidate is likely to enhance his/her publication record.


  • Experience and expertise in using Molecular Dynamics packages (Gromacs, NAMD, LAMMPS, Desmond, etc.)
  • Experience in performing molecular simulations of biological systems. Specifically experience in simulating ligand-protein interactions a plus
  • Experience in Computational Chemistry tools such as docking, SAR analysis, Schrodinger suite, a plus
  • Deep understanding of enhanced sampling techniques a big plus
  • Preference for candidates who either have or are capable of authoring major Molecular Dynamics algorithms and protocols

Some of the benefits of working with us are:

  • Flexible work schedule
  • Very cool, cutting-edge physics and biophysics research
  • As much responsibility as you can handle
  • If you wish to return to academia, this will be more useful than a postdoctoral appointment

We are specifically looking for computational chemists and (bio)physicists, but will consider any candidate with outstanding ability, related expertise, and a history of original and unconventional thinking.

Apply on line at:
or via email to interxinc-ntrx0395|a|

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