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Date: Sun Apr 28 22:52:58 2019
Subject: 19.04.28 CADD position in Shanghai Hengrui Pharmaceuticals
The Molecular Informatics department performs molecular design and informatics 
support to the small molecules and biologics drug discovery programs within the 
R & D center at Shanghai Hengrui Pharmaceutical Inc.

Opening position
Scientist/Senior scientist: 

We have an open position for small molecule drug discovery and scientific 
computing. This person will actively provide computational support for various 
drug discovery projects at different stages independently or under limited 
supervision. In addition, he/she should be an active contributor to the 
advancement of the key technologies within the organization, and share 
computational expertise within the organization. 


We are looking for a computational chemist with 0-4 years of working experience 
in the following areas, QSAR, structure based drug design and ADMET modeling.  
In addition, training and in depth knowledge in chem/bioinformatics are highly
 desirable; previous scientific programming experience is required.

Ph.D. in chemistry, life sciences or computational sciences with a proven track
record in computer-aided drug design (CADD); 
Experience in applying commercial modeling software and cheminformatics approaches
in hit-to-lead, lead optimization and molecular design to support various drug
discovery projects; the ability to work effectively within a multi-discipline 
environment is essential; 
Good verbal and written communication skills, and fluent in Chinese and English; 
Fast learner, team player, and passionate about drug discovery and life sciences;
Training and in depth knowledge in synthetic medicinal chemistry and pharmacology 
are highly desirable;
Previous informatics system management is an advantage.
If interested, please send your cv and cover letter to
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