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Date: Mon May 13 10:15:41 2019
Subject: 19.05.13 Postdoc, Computer-Aided Drug Design, University of Missouri-St. Louis
The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the 
University of Missouri-St. Louis invites application for a 
postdoctoral position in computer-aided drug design. 
This subproject focuses on improving methods of molecular docking 
for drug screening and on studying drug-binding kinetics.  
A Ph.D. degree in science is required. Experiences on molecular simulation 
of protein-ligand interactions and scientific programming are useful.  
The position is open until filled. Please send CV and three letters 
of recommendation to Chung F. Wong, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, 
University of Missouri-St. Louis, St Louis, MO 63121. 
e-mail: wongch{:}  An Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity employer.

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