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Date: Mon Jun 10 10:51:07 2019
Subject: 19.06.10 postdoc position in protein-membrane modeling and MD, opportunity to learn cryoEM/NMR at Case Western R.Univ. Cleveland, Ohio
How are signaling events transmitted? 
To answer this question we are looking to add a postdoctoral co-worker to our interdisciplinary team. 
Our interest is to understand protein-protein interactions, protein structure and dynamics in the context of cell
signaling mechanisms. {e.g. see our recent papers Li, Z. & Buck, M, Structure 2017; Li,
Z. et al., ACS Central Science 2018; Cao, S. et al., J.Biol.Chem. 2019, online 2/21; Li, Z.
& Buck, M. bioRxiv online 2/24}. The systems include several small GTPases and their
interacting partners, protein-membrane interactions, Eph receptors, plexins and coreceptors.
The biological interest is in cell migration and positional maintenance with
diseases ranging from vars. Cancers, Neuronal Degeneration in Alzheimers/Parkinsons,
Cardiovascular Disease and Age Related Macular Degeneration.

The laboratory has considerable experience with classical all-atom simulations and 
recently with Coarse Grained simulations, and would like to get into enhanced sampling methods. 
We use Anton2, XSEDE and local GPU clusters. 
A Titan Krios has been installed on campus and a candidate who is interested can learn
cryo-EM with the project or protein NMR spectroscopy. 

We are looking for a talented and highly motivated coworker, who aims to become
an independent researcher/project leader. Prior experience with protein NMR is
essential. The Buck laboratory provides a stimulating but friendly working environment.
The Medical School of Case Western Reserve University is highly rated overall in the US
(~ 16th. in terms of NIH funding) and Cleveland is a pleasant but affordable place to live
with excellent educational, medical and cultural institutions. Starting date, project details
and salary are negotiable.
Please send CV, an overview of your scientific interests and 
why you would find the Buck lab. projects would fit with your career 
plans as well as e-mail addresses of three senior scientists able to 
provide references to  to Prof.
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