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Date: Wed Jul 3 18:37:03 2019
Subject: 19.07.03 Computational Chemistry, Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence positions in GRMH-GDL, China
Multiple research scientist and postdoctoral positions in computational chemistry 
and artificial intelligence/machine learning at Guangzhou Regenerative Medicine 
and Health-Guangdong Laboratory (GRMH-GDL) China

Guangzhou Regenerative Medicine and Health-Guangdong Laboratory (GRMH-GDL, ) 
is establishing Chemistry Automation and Screening Centre that will focus on research in AI aided drug 
design and high throughput synthesis to speed up drug discovery. We are seeking scientific talents who 
have strong interests in applying AI/ML technologies on drug discovery to join our fast growing organization.

Associate Principal Investigators

We are looking for candidates to fill up two associate principle investigator positions. The candidates will 
involve in developing novel AI and ML methodologies and apply them in drug design, chemical reaction 
and compound bioactivity prediction. Ideal candidates should meet the following eligibility criteria:

    1. Obtained a PhD degree in computational chemistry, cheminformatics, bioinformatics or other related 
        fields. Medicinal chemistry knowledge is a plus.
    2. Has a good knowledge on UNIX/LINUX operating system, deep experience in programming with Python, 
        ML and deep learning packages. Good knowledge on commercial molecular modelling software is a plus.
    3. Has at least two years postdoctoral training, or very strong deep learning experience, or has strong 
        publication track record.
    4. Fluent in English language (spoken and written).
    5. Good communication skill and enjoy working in a team environment.

Research Fellows/Postdocs

We have two vacancies for full time Research Fellow/Postdocs for initially 2 years and subject to renewal 
based on performance. We are looking for energetic and highly motivated research scientists interested in 
artificial intelligence and machine learning area. Potential candidates should have a Ph. D degree in 
computational chemistry, cheminformatics, bioinformatics, computer sciences or other related fields, good
problem solving and communication skills, and strong team spirit. Fluency in English is a plus. The 
successful candidates will be responsible for developing and implementing novel AI/ML algorithms to solve 
problems in drug design, reaction prediction etc. 

All positions are located at Guangzhou, China. We offer highly competitive salaries and fringe benefits. The 
salary for postdoc is 325,000 RMB. Depending on the experience, the maximum salary for associate principal 
investigator could be 800,000 RMB. Application materials including a cover letter, curriculum vitae and three
reference letters should be sent to gdl-hr*_* or xjfy1971*_* with the subject of 
<AI drug discovery positions>

Deadline: 2019-11-01

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